Bobby Lashley TKOs Bob Sapp In Minutes?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley showed that he is for real in mixed martial arts, defeating veteran fighter Bob Sapp with a technical knockout in less than two minutes at "Ultimate Chaos" in Biloxi, Miss.

As soon as the bell rung, Bobby Lashley went in for a quick takedown. He had no problem with bringing the much larger Sapp to the canvas. From there, he executed his game plan well, staying on top of Sapp and throwing a barrage of punches. Sapp tapped to signal that he wanted the fight to end, but the referee did not see it, and Lashley kept punching.

Finally, Sapp tapped again, and the referee put an end to the fight at 1:17 in the first round. After the win, Lashley announced that he is ready for whoever wants to take him on.

Lashley weighed in at 255 pounds for the fight, meaning that he would have no problem making the heavyweight class of 265 for more mainstream mixed martial arts promotions like the UFC, Strikeforce and Affliction.

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Michael Jackson Is Dead? What's The Cause of His Death?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh no, King of Pop himself is dead!!! He was 50. Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier afternoon of Thursday at his Holmby Hills home. According to some sources, paramedics were unable to revive him and that he was in a coma when his body arrived at the hospital.

Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.

With Michael Jackson's death, millions of his fans all over the world are mourning.

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Tiger Woods on US Open Golf 2009 - Will He Win?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The US Open Golf 2009 already started last Thursday afternoon, June 18. It was a good start for Tiger Woods but not during the Round 2 on Friday. With this result, there is now a worldwide question asking if he will win a back-to-back victory since he is a defending champion.

If you miss watching this PGA Tour event, you should watch US Open 2009 Live Streaming every day until Sunday to find out if Tiger Woods will make it or not.

I guess we have to cross our fingers as it appears he is not doing well recently. Even though he won last PGA memorial Cup, there is still a big chance he will lose.

Who knows? Only him, I guess.

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Jon and Kate Divorce Announcement on June 22

Friday, June 19, 2009

Kate and Jon June 22 Promo Video Spoiler: A promo video for Jon and Kate June 22 episode has been released in which it is shown that they will make an announcement and it is expected that they will announce their divorce on Monday night show.

As mentioned by some sources, it was said that, Kate met a divorce lawyer and Jon will also did the same and will file divorce papers as soon as next possible.

Speculations were made that the marriage of Jon and Kate will come to an end but now it has become clear as they started making allegations of affairs to each other, and these rumors would end in their divorce.

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123rd Wimbledon Free Streaming Video Live Feed on the Internet

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wimbledon Tennis Championships, a tournament featuring players from all over the world which is scheduled to be held in Wimbledon, London, England, UK scheduled from Monday 22 June through to Sunday 5 July 2009. This year's Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is the 123rd event and is the third Grand Slam for this year.

Even though, Rafael Nadal, the defending champion, withdrew from the tournament due to a knee injury, it is still a must see event. Thus don't miss to watch Wimbledon video streaming on the internet or on TV.

Meanwhile, will Venus Williams take her chance to win her third consecutive Wimbledon victory after titles in 2007 and 2008? That's what we will find out as we all watch 123rd Wimbledon live feed tv coverage or online.

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Jon & Kate Ratings Continue to Decline

Jon and Kate Gosselin are losing fans -- fast.

Monday night's episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 shed more than one million viewers from the previous week's audience. The most recent show, which included a visit from the stars of TLC's American Chopper, brought in only 2.9 million viewers.

The previous episode, which aired on June 8, had 4.3 million viewers.

Both of these episodes are drastically down from the TLC reality show's premiere on May 25, which brought in 9.8 million viewers.

The first episode of the fifth season was fueled by ongoing reports of the couple's marital difficulties, which helped make it the series' most watched show of all time -- and it easily beat such highly anticipated network offerings as ABC's Lost season finale.

None of the recent episodes -- including June 1's back-to-back shows, which had 5.5 million and 6 million viewers respectively -- address the controversy currently surrounding the pair.

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Chizmosa is Back to Entertainment Blog

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's been awhile since I became active with this blog. I have been previously posting here in this blog about movies and TV shows, but it's only during the past few days that I decided to bring back to the original topic of Chizmosa, which of course is about entertainment news.

It's not that I stop watching movies and TV shows that I stop blogging about this topic, it's just that I thought gossips is really my big interest.

That's it. I hope my readers will be more looking forward for my entertainment news. Thanks...

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Kristen Stewart New Hair Look - A Mullet Style

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Twilight movie? Love Kristen Stewart? Nah? Hey, check out this new look of her in a ready to rock new mullet hairdo. What do you think? Does Kristen look better in a long hair or this rockstar? Any opinions? Leave them below:

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MeganFox vs Angelina Jolie?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Most stars would be happy to be compared to Angelina Jolie. Megan Fox isn't one of them.

"It's a lack of creativity on the media's part," the "Transformers" star says in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (on newsstands June 12). "Because I have tattoos and dark hair and I was in an action movie? That's as far as the similarities extend."

Adds Fox, "I'm not the next anyone."

The 23-year-old actress -- who says she was joking when she once said she was afraid of the "Changeling" star -- admits that she has no plans to get to know Jolie.

"She always seems otherworldly in her power and her confidence," Fox says. "I'm sure she has no idea who I am. But if I were her, I'd be like, 'Who [...] is this little bulls--- brat who was in 'Transformers' that's going to be the next me?' I don't want to meet her. I'd be embarrassed." - via Yahoo Entertainment

Ooops, don't forget to watch Penguins vs Red Wings Game 7 tonight...

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