Big Brother 10 Spoilers and Casts At CBS

Sunday, July 13, 2008

USA Big Brother 10 Spoilers and Casts At CBSThe USA Big Brother Season 10 has begun and 13 new stranger house guests entered the house. Julie Chen opens the show informing the viewers about the show's premises and prizes.

April, Dan, Jessie, Rennie, and Angie enter the Big Brother 10 house first. Libra, Brian, Keesha, and Memphis are next. Steven, Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie were the last group. The house guests will be inside the house for few days. Now, let's meet them:

1. Jerry, the resident old guy who comes off as a sweet old man.
2. Dan, the catholic school teacher who seems to have already booked an appointment with his parish priest to confess whatever sins he commits in the house.
3. Renny, the loud and opinionated person.
4. Keesha, the blonde who works at Hooters.
5. Jessie, this season’s beefcake.
6. Brian, the sneaky one.
7. Memphis, the self-proclaimed “mixologist” or chef for alcoholics.
8. April, her boobs are real.
9. Libra, has a cool name and three kids.
10. Angie, the recently single Asian-Sensation.
11. Steven, the gay rodeo cowboy.
12. Michelle, who comes from a loud, Portuguese family.
13. Ollie, the son of a preacher-man.