Vote Design Star Winner - Finale

Sunday, July 27, 2008 Design Star VoteHGTV Design Stars finale will be held in New Orleans. The final challenge for the remaining two finalists, Matt and Jennifer, is to design a kitchen, dining room and living room for two families who lost nearly everything during hurricane Katrina. One family is headed by a fireman and the other a police officer.

You can vote once a day online and up to five times a day with your cellphone until 10am EST on Wednesday, July 30. To vote via cell phone, text the letter A to 44881 for Jennifer Bertrand or the letter B to 44881 for Matt Locke.

The two competitors have 36 hours over 4 days, broken into following:
Day 1: 8 hours with the help of 1 carpenter
Day 2: 12 hours with 3 carpenters; with Mikey and Trish to help.
Day 3: 12 hours with 3 carpenters; Trish and Mikey switch designers.
Day 4: 4 hours with no help.

Budget: $20,000
Sears: kitchen appliances
Lumber Liquidators: flooring