Rihanna Broke or Bankrupt Rumors

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rihanna Broke or Bankrupt RumorsThere's a rumor spreading fast that Rihanna is broke after discovering almost all her money was missing after financial audit. She accused her ex-business manager Patricia Williams from stealing her money.

In an interview Patricia said that Rihanna’s manager - Marc Jordan - has been mismanaging the singer's funds. Here's an excerpt from her statement:

I don’t want to disrespect Marc’s name. He is a fantastic manager and genuinely believes in Rihanna. But he uses her money to fund her future projects because he believes he can break her in the world-market. Her album sales are not nearly as close to her single sales and he knows that if she is only known as a ’singles artist’ she will only be as good as her last hit. Unfortunately, he didn’t inform his client and I’m receiving the brunt of it”.

Hopefully, everything will be settled and cleared soon.