House Season 5 Premiere Video + Spoilers

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The fifth season of House premieres Tuesday, September 16 via Fox channel. This season will have a total of 24 episodes and the first three were titled "Dying Changes Everything", "Not Cancer", and "Adverse Events". Below is the extended promo video of House Season 5.

House Season 5 Premiere Promo Video

House Season 5 Spoilers: Below are just some of the spoilers of House 5 to watch out ;0
- There's an episode called birthmark in season 5 and there's a sort of memorial service? House and Wilson are there together. His father will also be there.

- There is going to be a detective coming back and going to have it's own spinoff.

- Early in the season, House will hire a private detective to break into a patient's home

- Lucas, a new PI coming on board - he's supposed to be a romantic interest for Cuddy. Then apparently he's supposed to be around all season and have his own spinoff if it works out.

- Cameron will have a case, and through that storyline, we'll be able to explore Cameron and Chase's relationship and where they're at right now.

- Wilson is going 2 git pulled over when he's diving House and House calls someone and says Wilson is going 2 git arrested.