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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Watch Naruto: Shippūden - Translated in Englesh "Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles". It is a TV series which is the sequel to the original Naruto anime and based on the Naruto manga series. The Season 3 covering Episodes 53 - Episodes 78 started April 3 this year and will be due until October 2. The Season 4 starting from Episode 78 and beyond will start on the same date, Oct 2.

Watch Naruto Shippuden Online EpisodesStory/ Sypnosis:
Naruto returns to Konohagakure after his training for two and a half years with Jiraiya. Upon his arrival, he reunites with the friends and reforms Team 7 called Team Kakashi. Sai replaced Sasuke.

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By the way, here are the list of episodes of Naruto Shippuden Season 3 and 4.

Naruto: Shippūden Season 3 Episodes Title

Episode 53 Title
Episode 54 Nightmare
Episode 55 Wind
Episode 56 Squirm
Episode 57 Deprived of Eternal Sleep
Episode 58 Loneliness
Episode 59 A New Enemy
Episode 60 Mutability
Episode 61 Contact
Episode 62 Teammate
Episode 63 Two Kings
Episode 64 Jet-Black Signal Fire
Episode 65 Lockdown of Darkness
Episode 66 Revived Souls
Episode 67 Everyone's Struggle to the Death
Episode 68 Time of Awakening
Episode 69 Despair
Episode 70 Resonance
Episode 71 Friend
Episode 72 Silently Approaching Threat
Episode 73 Akatsuki's Invasion
Episode 74 Under the Starry Sky
Episode 75 The Old Monk's Prayer
Episode 76 The Next Step
Episode 77 Climbing Silver
Episode 78 Given Judgment

Naruto: Shippūden Season 4 Episodes Title
Episode 79 Unfulfilled Scream
Episode 80 Last Words
Episode 81 The Sad News
Episode 82 Team 10