Crystal Voted Off From Survivor Gabon Dec 11 Episode

Friday, December 12, 2008

If you regularly watch Survivor Gabon episodes every Thursday night, then probably you already know that Crystal Cox was voted off last night's Survivor Gabon Episode 13.

Bob both won the Reward and Immunity challenges - four straight wins in a row. He is a legend ;0 Anyway, by winning the Reward Challenge, he was able to visit the gorillas, take shower, have a nice meal, and good night sleep, together with other two castaways, Kenny and Crystal. Bob choose Susie to go the Exile Island. Knowing Sugar has the Immunity Idol, she chose Comfort, instead of Clue.

As for the IC, Bob won the challenge when he was the first one to complete the puzzle blind-folded. He once again got the Individual Immunity Necklace. Ken asked Bob to give him the necklace because he is nervous he might go home - not knowing this is only part of Crystal's and Kenny's plan. Thanks to Sugar, who revealed the plan to Bob.

During the Tribal Council, Bob did not give the Immunity Necklace to Kenny because he did not feel he will go home. Wise move. With that, Crystal and Ken moved to their Plan B, which is to vote Matty instead of Bob. They cannot vote for Sugar because she has the Immunity Idol.

After the voting, Sugar gave the II to Matty, thus making votes for him void. Wise move for Sugar. With that, it was Crystal who was voted off after getting three votes, possible from Sugar, Bob, and Matty.

Can't wait for the next episode on Thursday. I am thinking if it's Ken who will be voted next.

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