Survivor Gabon Winner Is Bob Crowley

Monday, December 15, 2008

Robert "Bob" Crowley, 57 years old from Portland, ME is the winner of the recently concluded TV reality show, Survivor Gabon. He got four votes out of seven. Susie, one of the top three, got three votes while Sugar got none. With his win, Bob went home a 1 million US dollars and a SOle Survivor title.

Survivor Gabon Winner Bob
Right before the finale, the top five - Bob, Sugar, Matty, Kenny, and Susie went to another immunity challenge, and once again won for the fifth time in a row. Kenny was voted off at the Tribal council.

At the last immunity challenge, Susie won the Immunity so there is no way for her to get voted. She is guaranteed at the Top 3 spot. During the TC, the vote was a tie - two for Matty and two for Bob. To break the tie, a fire making challenge was done where the first one to build a fire and break the thread will win. Once again, Bob won. Thus, making Matty as the last part of the jury.

During the final TC, the jury voted off who they think should win the price, but before that, the Top three - Bob, Susie, and Sugar - were given a moment to depend themselves. The jury have to ask question on who among them deserve to win.

Via live telecast, the winner of Survivor Gabon was once announced and it is no other than Robert. Congratulations!!!

To the rest of the castaways, congrats too.
Survivor Gabon Castaways

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