Henderson vs Franklin Fight Online Live Streaming Videos Free

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ultimate Fighting Championship 93 is on the way. The main event Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson is few days away. But, are you aware that you can watch Henderson vs Franklin UFC 93 fight online streaming? How? - you might ask... this is exactly my question in mind after a friend told me I can watch UFC 93 on my computer for free. Wow, this would be a big saving in my case.

I immediately turn on my computer to searched "watch UFC 93 online live streaming" and "watch Henderson vs Franklin on the Internet for free" in search engines. Wow, a lot of results, I guess. However, some articles are not useful. They are just like me who are trying for ways on how to watch Henderson vs Franklin full fight online who made a blog post asking for help.

In a forum site I stumbled to awhile ago, a member said that I can watch UFC 93 on Sopcast and other video streaming sites, but unluckily he did not provide any video link at all. Sighs. People also says that Justin TV also stream UFC matches, but since Henderson vs Franklin fight is still few weeks away, no paticular video links are available yet.

Anyway, I am dying to watch UFC 92 so if you know where I can watch Henderson vs Franklin live online, please be kind to leave a message. Thanks.

By the way, here's a preview of UFC 93 I found in Youtube