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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Watch "17 Again", a 2009 comedy movie starring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry which is set to released this month of April (Check below for complete schedule). The film is about a 37-year-old Mike O'Donnell who turns to his 17 year old self after rescuing a mysterious janitor. Check out the movie preview below to learn more about "17 Again".

17 Again Movie OnlineStarring:
Zac Efron as Mike O'Donnell (17 years old)
Matthew Perry as Mike O'Donnell (37 years old)
Leslie Mann as Scarlett
Thomas Lennon as Ned Freedman
Michelle Trachtenberg as Maggie O'Donnell
Sterling Knight as Alex O'Donnell

Release dates:
Australia - April 9, 2009
Ireland - April 10, 2009
United Kingdom - April 10, 2009
Canada - April 17, 2009
United States - April 17, 2009
Spain - April 30, 2009

Directed by: Burr Steers

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