Jessica Alba Allure Magazine June 2008 Covergirl

Monday, May 19, 2008

Jessica Alba Nude Pics Allure Magazine June 2008 CovergirlJessica Alba is the cover girl of Allure magazine’s June 2008 edition. On one of the photos included, she posed as Charlie Chaplin, and I personally don't like it so don't think twice why I did not included the said image.

Inside the mag, the 27-year-old mama-to-be shared her stand on pre-marital s*x by saying “I never believed women had to be virgins when they got married, or that a woman has to fall in love with a guy just because they’re having sex. I don’t think sex is a big deal. I hated the hypocrisy of it. Men can do whatever, and it’s acceptable.

When asked why she hasn't appeared in more independent, art-house fare, she honestly answered, "To me, box office is the most important thing. If the movie makes money, then I'm fine."

Isn't Jessica looks pretty on her Allure photoshoot below?

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