Survivor Gabon Episode 12

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Survivor Gabon Episode 12 on December 4 (Thursday). Matty proposes to his girlfriend and Sugar says goodbye to her father. Bob won the Immunity challenge. Nobody is paying attention to Susie. Kenny and Crystal are gunning for Matty. Sugar hates Corinne. Bob is a physical and social threat.

In this episode, Corinne Kaplan of Los Angeles, California was voted off after getting four votes. She is now part of the jury joining Marcus, Charlie, and Randy. Meanwhile, Matty got a total of three (3) votes coming from the other remaining castaways.

Only six castaways remain namely Bob, Crystal, Sugar, Kenny, Matty, and Susie.

Lastly, heads up to all Survivor fans. Watch Survivor: Gabon finale on Dec. 14 as cool Survivor memorabilia from this season will be given away.